In this ever-evolving arena it’s important to work with partners with their eye firmly on the ball. We harness technology in everything we do to enhance design, improve spaces, their usability, create huge cost savings and increase the value of properties. 

ZUZU can assist with all things tech including the development of a residents app, interactive communication, superfast WiFi, visual systems, TV and security/CCTV installation. 

Using smart technology, we can also improve the design and performance of your buildings, generate insights and reduce operational costs whilst introducing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to building management.

IoT Technology | Smart Buildings 

The future is now. Think Stark Mansion (Iron Man). The Jetsons. Wallace’s House (Wallace and Gromit). ZUZU provides access to IoT (Internet of Things) technology which automates buildings and their processes which in turn can create huge cost savings and achieve maximum value for operators, owners and shareholders alike.

IoT sensors automate elements of building management by measuring temperature, light, CO2, noise, motion and occupancy to feedback in real-time to the dashboard. The sophisticated technology allows for empty rooms to be “switched off” automatically and can detect or prevent any maintenance issues from occurring. 

Case Study: Scotway House Student Accommodation, Glasgow 

A building performance assessment identified ways for Scotway House to operate more efficiently, reduce operational workload and make generous yearly savings on energy. Implementing the recommendations also increase the value of the property, solidifying the rationale for smart technology investment.

  • Projected yearly energy savings of 20%+
  • Estimated £1.6m increase on asset value
  • Valuable building data and analysis
  • Reduced workload for staff to focus on customer experience
  • 500 tonnes carbon saving

Automated Parcel Room 

A contact-free, admin-free parcel solution which gives your residents 24/7 access and staff zero hassle. Delivery drivers report straight to the parcel room and residents get notified via email. Anyone who has worked in an operational building knows how most of their day revolved around parcels - deliveries, collections, sending out emails - our automated solution gives time back to focus on what's important - the customer experience.  

ZUZU has the best in the business working alongside us. This allows us to present to you the best technology has to offer. 

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