Importance of Architecture ft. Lisa Ferguson

ZUZU invited Lisa Ferguson, Architect and Associate Director at Manson Architects to share her thoughts on the importance of architecture. 

Lisa has been in the field for 8 years now, having completed a Postgraduate Diploma in 2012 at the University of Edinburgh. She has worked on a wide variety of large scale residential and mixed-use schemes and has a particular interest in the design process. 

"Architecture considers the planning, design and construction of our towns and cities, from large scale developments down to the intricate detailing of a door handle. It thinks about how people live, work and socialise towards creating better living environments and successful places.

Architects enjoy working towards finding the best design solutions through problem solving and creativity.

When designing places there are a number of key considerations which must be made including, the orientation of buildings, materials, height, scale and massing of the built environment, landscape design, accessibility and providing a sense of security.

There are also many technical items that are crucial to creating successful buildings and places. For example, buildings thermal comfort levels, air quality, acoustic properties, structure and protection from fire. Architecture is also adapting to minimise the environmental impact of buildings through consideration of sustainable materials, reduced energy use and innovative design ideas.

Good architecture enhances the spaces which we live in, moves with technology and helps create stronger communities." 

- Lisa Ferguson 

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