Light There Be Light ft. John Amabile

40 years before Thomas Edison patented and began commercialising the incandescent light bulb in 1879, British inventors were demonstrating that electric light was possible with the arc lamp. What made Edison’s contribution so extraordinary is that he didn’t just improve the light bulb, but he created a whole collection of inventions that made the use of light bulbs practical. Now, over 140 years later, electric lighting is a necessity we simply could not live without and it has evolved even further again to become a key element in building design.

ZUZU invited John Amabile, Interior Designer and TV Presenter to share his thoughts on modern lighting in design...

"Lighting is the main aspect to enhance and build atmosphere to any interior design concept.

From task lighting to allow a good working light to architectural signage and area lighting, this is the key factor to bring rooms and interior design solutions alive!

Colour temperature can also be a major factor. For example, daylight bulbs in winter to cheat the light and matching colour temperatures all build the right ambience.

Overhead lighting, I see as architectural and can be part of the design - from stunning chandeliers to themed fun fittings. A large central unit or a series of fitted ceiling mounts create drama and instant design identity!"

"Occasional lighting almost becomes a piece of furniture or objet d’art as an array of lamp bases and shades form sculptural lighting solutions which add to the theme.

In summary, lighting has and continues to evolve. It can make or break the design and atmosphere of any building and it’s therefore important that we get it right for those who are going to be using it."

- John Amabile



John is a popular UK designer with regular appearances on TV and in the press. Recent work includes designing the Show Home at the new luxury Park Quadrant residencies in Glasgow. 

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