Furniture Design & Build ft. Mark Reid

The importance of getting a space and what you put in that space right is possibly one of the biggest and most important decisions made in any development.

Can you imagine the difference you could make to either your existing portfolio with an upgrade or have the ability to sit down at the very beginning to make sure every inch of space is utilised in the best possible way?

Every building faces similar challenges - designing spaces and how they are going to be used is one of them. 

You don't have to work with existing design items, you can create real individuality in a space or building through bespoke design and guess what - it doesn’t need to cost the earth!

By working with our team of furniture designers, builders and suppliers, we can help you get this right. Be confident in the knowledge that we can deliver from our factory to your property and make the entire process from design to installation simple. 

"Space, texture, colour and materials used all evoque a feeling. We love working with our clients, really getting into the nitty gritty of what every inch of space will be used for and from that creating the bespoke fit out the building requires.

I love all the conversations around the materials we can use. Mixing wood and metal, fabric and acrylic, mixing things up with unexpected colour pallets, textures and getting to understand their use. To be able to give advice on durability and sustainability.

There is nothing better than walking around a completed building and seeing people really using the space."

-Mark Reid (CEO and Founder of Pro Concept)

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