Clever Storage Space ft. Christine Young

Living for a long period of time in either a studio or one-bedroom apartment has its challenges. This is where a great designer comes into their own.

Having an end design, look and feel is the place to work back from. For example, how do you achieve that minimalist living space which works for eating, working and entertaining? Somewhere you would be proud to live in.

That's where the hard work begins - then throw into the mix the possibility of sharing!

Where does everything go?

Every piece of unused space needs to be looked at. The space under the stairs, for example, can be utilised in totally different ways. As an extension to the studio kitchen where all the clutter can be hidden away.

Image credit: Roundhouse Design. Photography by Billy Bolton

(Image credit: Roundhouse Design. Photography by Billy Bolton)

Or as a wardrobe - a great idea to keep bulkier pieces away from the bedroom and outdoor jackets and shoes in a more practical place.

Working from home or studying? This is an example of great use of space which doesn’t encroach into the main living area. One of the challenges students have is not wanting to feel as though they are living and sleeping in either their study area or kitchen. Making these spaces beautifully designed and feel like home is vitally important to quality of living and also helping them feel settled and free to add a touch of their own personality.

(Image credit: Digs Digs)

Having some more consideration on how the space will be used and not just following a template can provide an amazing place for more compact, stylish and practical living.

If you were living in a studio for a year - how much you would need to store? You are literally bringing your whole life into a small space and needing it to deliver so many functions. How much better would you feel if you could clear it all away and have a calm environment?

Having worked in the rental accommodation industry for many years, specifically student, the number one question before booking a room is "how much storage is there?"

Maybe it’s time to provide the solution.

- Christine Young, Managing Director at ZUZU.

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