ZUZU Partner With Utopi To Deliver Smart Building Technology

ZUZU partner with technology provider Utopi to install first-of-its-kind smart building technology in student accommodation in Scotland.

ZUZU has started work to introduce advanced smart building technology to student residence Scotway House operated by BOHO in Glasgow. It will be the first student accommodation in Scotland to install this type of technology.

A building performance assessment identified ways for Scotway House to operate more efficiently, reduce operational workload and make generous yearly savings on energy. Implementing the recommendations will also increase the value of the property, solidifying the rationale for smart technology investment.

  • Projected yearly energy savings of 20%+
  • Estimated £1.6m increase on asset value
  • Valuable building data and analysis
  • Reduced workload for staff to focus on customer experience
  • 500 tonnes carbon saving

In partnership with technology provider Utopi, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors are being installed to automate elements of building management. The sensors measure temperature, light, CO2, noise, motion and occupancy to feed back in real time to the Utopi connect dashboard.

This will significantly increase efficiency for daily operations, maintenance and create huge cost savings on energy all whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

The sophisticated technology will be installed throughout the building to allow for empty rooms to be “switched off” automatically and can detect or prevent any maintenance issues from occurring in the 399-bed student residence.

The ZUZU/Utopi partnership is a collaboration of expertise. ZUZU has the experience and knowledge of building management, the student and private rental accommodation world, it’s challenges and holds a strong vision on what’s required for the future. Utopi bring the mastery and access to the latest and best technologies, clever designs, all with a strong environmental and sustainable focus.

Christine Young, Managing Director at ZUZU said:

“We always embrace and actively search for partners who can enhance our service option and improve the rental platform - exactly what Utopi can deliver. It gives me great confidence as we share the same values, vision and enthusiasm for what we do. Our collective goal is to significantly enhance commercial properties - to deliver highly intelligent, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable buildings which improve the experience for all users and stakeholders.”

The Utopi IoT multi sensors allow for a building-wide wellness score to be created, ensuring residents are living and working in optimal environmental conditions. As a landlord, the health and wellbeing of residents is of huge importance to BOHO who see the adoption of technology as a key factor in delivering that.

Ben Roberts, Chief Commercial Officer at Utopi said:

“Utopi are delighted to be working with ZUZU to deliver the most efficient buildings possible. We share the same values and drive to create optimal efficiency, great user experiences, and enhanced safety in the built environment.”

Prior groundwork is well underway to ensure Scotway House will operate to its maximum efficiency with every space in the building being carefully considered. The IoT installation dates are set for early 2021 and the ZUZU consultancy team already have other audits and client projects lined up for the new year.

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