Planning Support

Intensive market research can help identify important design aspects and challenges you need to consider to get your building to be approved by the local planning authority. ZUZU can help at these pre-planning stages to give you the best chance of gaining permission to start your project. Our services within this region include: cost estimating; strategy and design; architect drawings; community engagement; public consultations; procurement management; planning and building control applications.

Bespoke Furniture Design & Construction

One of the unique options ZUZU can offer is bespoke furniture design and construction. This allows you to truly enhance a space, always thinking of the end-user and how to optimise the use of the space. It also does not need to cost the earth – we can work with a multitude of budgets.

Our furniture suppliers have ready-made options too. You can be confident in the knowledge that from the factory right through to delivery and installation, the process is simple - we do it all.

Building, External & Interior Design

People are looking to live and stay in different ways. This is an exciting time for our industry where interior design is crucial to give the living experience your customer wants. It is not just about making a building look amazing; it’s about making it an amazing place to live, work, study, socialise and make your residents or guests feel part of something special - part of a community.

It may be that you have an existing portfolio that requires a bit of a rework, you have space which is not being used effectively or you are right at the start of the construction phase and require design expertise. Don’t underestimate this part of the process, great space design can give you the distinction you need to not only meet customer expectations but also to increase occupancy rates and financial return.

We have an amazing creative team of award-winning designers who can work with you to create something unique to you and as always, we will ensure the whole process is seamless.


In this ever-evolving arena it’s important to work with partners with their eye firmly on the ball. We harness technology in everything we do to enhance design, improve spaces, their usability, create huge cost savings and increase the value of properties.

Whether you are seeking the best in interactive communication, WIFI, postage solutions, an app, visual systems or energy and utility efficiency, we use the best technology to provide you with tangible solutions.

Think Stark Mansion (Iron Man). The Jetsons. Wallace’s House (Wallace and Gromit). Want to know more? We go into more detail on our technology solutions here

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